Official Server Rules | 2/20/2019

Chat Rules

Spamming & Chat Flood

  • Mutes will scale depending on the amount of spamming. If you get muted and start spamming after the unmute, the time will increase.
  • Punishments: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 1 day mute

Suicide Encouragement

  • Saying: ‘Kill yourself”,”KYS”, or anything relating to self harm directly to another player is not allowed. This goes for public/private chat.
  • Punishments: 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hour, and discretionary mute

Toxicity/Staff Disrespect

  • Being excessively rude or toxic towards staff members or players in chat.
  • Punishments: 30 minutes, 1 hour, discretionary mute


  • Using excessive racism on the server is not allowed. This includes racial slurs or hateful messages against a race is not allowed. Mutes are only for racial terms intended to insult another player.
  • Punishments: 3 hour, 6 hour, 12 hour, discretionary mute

Selling Virtual Items/Goods

  • Selling accounts or posting shop links in chat is not allowed. We are not MC-Market.
  • Punishments: Warning, 5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minute, 20 minute mute


  • Being an overall douchebag in chat harassing/annoying players or staff members is not allowed. If they attempt to get around it, it could lead to a full chat blacklist (/msg perms are removed and they are muted forever). This is a case-by-case basis, and we reserve the right to apply this rule whenever we'd like.
  • Punishments: Chat Blacklist

General Rules


  • Use of anything that gives an unfair advantage towards other players.
  • Punishments: Admit - 30 day ban, blatant/screenshare - permanent ban

Unapproved Modifications

  • Using a modification/forge mod that is not allowed on the server.
  • Punishments: Admit - 30 day ban, screenshare - permanent ban

Inappropriate IGN

  • We have the right to deny any vulgar/inappropriate IGN’s until changed.
  • Punishments: 30 Day Ban, Unban when changed, 'Ban evading' allowed for this punishment

Abusing Bugs

  • Abusing server bugs is not allowed. If you submit a bug report, you will be compensated: Click Here
  • Punishments: 7d ban to a blacklist, Discretionary

Knowingly Lying to Staff

  • If a player lies to you about something that is important and or something game breaking.
  • Punishments: Discretionary

Account Sharing

  • Players are solely responsible for their accounts on the server. If a player shares it with another player and it gets banned it's not our responsibility. They will not be entitled to an unban.
  • Punishments: Permanent Ban/Discretionary


  • Advertising other servers is not allowed. You are allowed to advertise their youtube/twitch streams.
  • Punishments: Permanent Ban

Staff Impersonation

  • Impersonating staff through nicknames or very close IGNs
  • Punishments: 15 minute, 1 hour tempban


  • We allow youtube/twitch as well as other trusted sites to have links posted in chat. However sites that include screamers, pornagraphic content, ip loggers or hacked clients are not allowed.
  • Punishments: Permanent Ban

Severe Punishments


  • Scamming accounts or real money is not allowed (on the server). This process is dealt with by admins. It has to have happened on discord, teamspeak, in game or on our website for us to act on it.
  • Punishments: Blacklist


  • When purchasing an item from our store, you agree to our payment conditions. These conditions outline a no-refund/no-chargeback rule. Chargebacks will result in a blacklist, even if the case is cancelled or decided in our favor.
  • Punishments: Blacklist

Ban Evading

  • After you're temp/perm banned on one account, and you log into an alt during the ban, you will be blacklisted. This blacklist is eligible for an unban, but all ban appeals will automatically be denied.
  • Punishments: Blacklist

DDoS, Dox, and Swatting threats:

  • DDosing/Doxing/Swatting players and or making DDos/Dox/Swat jokes or threatening to DDoS the server, or DDos/Dox/Swat a staff member or player is a blacklist.
  • Punishments: Blacklist

Server-Specific Rules

Boosting Stats [EliteKits]

  • Boosting pvp stats is not allowed. If you see this happen you must report it to an administrator or above.
  • Punishments: 7 day ban, stats reset

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