Whiskey Builder Application


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1. What Is Your Ign(In-Game Name)?

2. How Old Are You?

3. What Is Your Timezone?
EST (GMT -04:00)

4. Do You Have Any Previous Experience?
I Have Done A Lot Of Building For Vipermc, A Server I Was Senior Moderator On. I Have Worked Closely (And Learned Most Of What I Know) From 4fo, A Builder That Builds For All Big Hcf Servers Such As Lunar, Minehq, Veltpvp, Vipermc, Etc. I Have Built Maps, Koths, Spawns, And Arenas.

5. How Well Do You Work With Others?
I Work Extremely Well With Others. I Have Always Built With A Team Of People, As Working In A Team Is The Most Efficient And Effective Way To Create Good Builds. I Have Done A Lot Of Work With My Friend, Brand.

6. How Many Hours Could You Put In Per Week?
I Can Put In Many Hours, Anywhere From 20-40 (Could Even Exceed This).

7. Portfolio?(Required)
I Have Lost Most Of My Portfolio, But I Have Some Pictures Of What I Have Built Attached. You Can Go To Vipermc Kits If You Want To See My Builds In Action.
I Would Like To Sincerely Apologize, A Retard Took These Screenshots For Me.


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First off, I'd like to say what a talented builder Whiskey is. His builds are beyond breathtaking, to be honest, I cannot even provide the proper adjectives to describe the level of skill he possesses when he's in creative. In 2016, when I was compiling my own skyblock server together, Whiskey, whom I hadn't met prior, offered to build several builds for me, and he did it all free of charge. He simply wanted me to judge his builds with constructive criticism. He's a guy who is always working on his craft and breathes success. When I say this I mean it, Whiskey may be the most talented Minecraft builder in the history of the game. Outside of building, he only gets better. He's beloved in the community. He's charismatic, outgoing, optimistic, and determined. If he's given a deadline, he strives to finish weeks in advance. Whiskey is as good as they come.

Secondly, this man is more than just a player. He's a leader. He cares for his peers and brings the energy that nobody else could dream of. I once witnessed Whiskey cheer up a fellow mineman who was very emotional after his dog lost his leg to a rogue cyclist. Whiskey sat with him for hours. ( The player's ign was Brand if proof is needed ) The poor kids dog has lost a leg and he was so in shock that he could only click 5 cps due to his constant shaking. Whiskey, being the man that he is, rose to the occasional and helped Brand through a tough time. I'm sure Whiskey has done acts like this countless times, because he doesn't do it for the glamor or the recognition, his actions are from the heart. Overall Whiskey is selfless. He's the epitome of the perfect person, let alone minecraft builder.

If you choose to deny his builder application, you're doing your server injustice. The builds he will produce for the server will bring players from around the world to enjoy. Although you may not need him at the moment, you sure will regret not having him in the future. Therefore, Whiskey is one of a kind, and most certainly a necessity to SoupsMC.

- The best to ever do it, Spics


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seems a very good builder, nice experience, mature, can put a lot of hours.


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