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The date for our official Beta Map is now being released. If you're looking to play some good and original teams then you should stop by and try it out. This is more of an "under the hood" type of map/test period. All players interested in participating have joined our temporary beta discord and are aware that some features may be missing, broken and things potentially exploding in front of our very eyes.

-Official BETA Map Release Information-

Saturday, June 8th - 3pm EST
Map Border: 5000x5000 Blocks
Max per team: 10 Players

Map Length: Approximately 1-Week

Store Info [BETA SALE]: The webstore is now LIVE! For all users who are interested in having more than 5 warps for this 1-Week Beta Map, we recommend that you go check out our one-time BETA SALE that we are currently having on all ranks! All users who purchase a rank during the Beta Map will receive a special sale coupon, after checking out that can be used for a discount on any rank for our 1.0 release:

VIP - $3
MVP - $4
PRO - $5


Join our BETA MAP Discord @ to get in the loop!

Primary Network Discord URL:
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