Speederz Staff Application [ Canada ]


New member
What is your IGN?

How old are you?
I'm currently 21 years of age.

What is your Discord?

How would you define your confidence when speaking to people you don’t know?
I feel like I'm very confident with speaking to people I don't know as I've done it a lot in my history of staffing and feel like I can deal with situations very well and I'm very confident with it.

What is your timezone?
My Timezone is Mountain ( 2 hours behind EST )

Have you already applied before? If so, list the date when you applied.
Yes I've applied on Elitekits before way back in September of 2018 and that's when I got accepted of staff that month.If I'm correct it was September 1st, 2018 was when I got accepted into the Elitekits Staff Team.

Other than English, what languages are you fluent in?
I only speak English and I do not speak any other languages sadly.

How much time (on average) can you dedicate to staffing the server a day?
I can dedicate around 5-8 hours per day on Weekdays due to work and about 8-10 hours on weekends which helps out since I don't work on weekends ! My main focus of my spare time would always be to spend it on Elitekits.

Have you ever been punished? If so, explain what happened.
I think I have a few mutes. But I don't remember having any punishments that involves bans or such along those lines If I remember. If I do I'm sorry for forgetting.

Do you have any experience with staffing soup servers?
Yes I do, I was previously staff on Elitekits way back in September of 2018 till around January 6th 2019 where then the Management decided to demote me for the reasons they talked to me about that won't be said here but they remember what they were and what happened but it's all been changed and revolved and I've learned from my mistakes. I was also staff on the Soup Network called MCPvP, I was Moderator on that Network and resigned before it closed and can go into more information with the Management Team If needed about my experience there.

Do you have any experience with staffing any other types of servers?
Yes I do have a lot of experience staffing on other Networks / Gamemodes such as Factions and Hardcore Factions.

ViperHCF - This was the biggest HCF Network at the time of myself staffing on it in September of 2018 where Frosted and Diamond were both Admin there and I decided to apply there as I got permission from them that I was able to apply there since I saw the chance to apply there and I did which then I got accepted to Pending and got to Interview with Physic with then passed it to get Trial-Moderator on Viper and within 5 days I got promoted to Moderator and then I was Moderator for about 2 weeks and then got promoted to Moderator+ but then got very inactive due to University finals and resigned and after my classes were finished I messaged Physic asking to come back and he gave me the chance to come back and I got to get my old rank back that I earned myself which was Moderator+ which then I was staff for another 2 months and then got demoted due to reasons that the Elitekits Management know of and its been awhile but that's passed and I've 100% learned from my mistakes and won't ever let that happen to myself again.

VeltPvP - I was staff on Velt back in September of 2017 where I saw them post on twitter that they were looking for new staff members from all regions and I decided to apply for them and got accepted by aabis to Trial-Moderator but was only staff for 1 month there and then left due to personal reasons but I learned a lot from there when dealing with such a big network. It taught me a lot and I've gained so much from Velt in my history of staffing.

When did you join your first soup-based server? Also list the server name.
I first joined my first ever soup server actually on MCPvP way back in 2013 which was awhile ago which then I learned about the YouTubers in the Community and from watching them such as Rizzo and Gaymcgee I found out about Elitekits, which then lead to start playing Elitekits which was hella fun back in the day when soup was by far the biggest gamemode.

Why do you want staff?
Elitekits & TeamsMC is a popular server which I have personally enjoyed to play on for over a few month now. Elitekits and TeamsMC Community is amazing, I'm just going to point that out. Out of all the servers, I have been staff on Elitekits before and I liked It, It was my most fun and entertaining experience to be a staff member. The Gamemode ( Soup ) that Elitekits and TeamsMC has to offer is perfect and the fact that the Owner spends a lot of time to make sure the server is in order and that every single player is having a fun time while on Elitekits and or TeamsMC. This is one of the biggest reasons why I want to be Staff on Elitekits and maybe TeamsMC If I get to that point, The way that I admire the way Elitekits has stayed up all these years to make the players happy and have fun place to play is mental. Another reason I would like to become Staff on Elitekits is that I have seen a lot of Cheaters and people breaking the rules and most of the time there isn't a Staff member on to do the hours when most US Staff aren't on. I feel that I could be a great asset to the Team because I would be able to do those things. Being Staff on a servers like VeltPVP and other HCF / Soup Servers, Elitekits and TeamsMC is easily beating it in the long run. Elitekits and TeamsMC is a Server rising to the top which hopefully I believe I could make it get there or at least help with it as It was there before and I want to get it there again. I have extremely good relations with the current Staff and hopefully, they like me as well. So to cap that last Paragraph off, Another reason why I would love to be staff on Elitekits and TeamsMC is because of its unique sense of Activities you can play on the Server and the fun add-ons to soup it has, and I want to make sure it stays that way by making sure players are happy and enjoying themselves on such an enjoyable server such as Elitekits. I want to become staff, to help the community grow and to make sure that players on Elitekits are having a fun experience on the server, the same way I felt when I first joined the server. Elitekits and TeamsMC is on the grow and it keeps growing and growing to break new records to the player base which haven't been hit before. For these reasons stated above, I would love to be staff because of its Unique Community,I want to wake up on a daily basis thinking about how I am going to help the Server today and the next, planning my Staff Journey and making sure that everyone is having a fun time on the Network.

What separates you from other applicants?
Well If I had to be honest there is lots of things that separate me from others like experience, timezone, activity and stuff like that but that’s not the point the things that mainly separate me from others are my Dedication, Trust, Loyalty, Confidence and Humor

Dedication: You can ask all of my Previous Server I've been Staff on, I have never been striked for being “Inactive” or not being Seen in game, Most of my Spare time I use my PC and I love to grind and grind hours and work hard to achieve my goal which would be to get promoted of course. ;)

Trust: I believe that I’m truly a trustworthy person and that anything that I’m told I keep to myself unless told otherwise, I’m also very honest about stuff and never bias.

Loyalty: When it comes to staffing on servers and server hopping, I don’t do that because I find it very unprofessional and If found doing It people always say stuff about It and It could ruin chances of being staff on a network, I will be 100% loyal to the Elitekits and TeamsMC Network If I were to get accepted and not ruin the chance I get given.

Confidence: I have 100% confidence in myself to get things done on time and just overall dealing with pressure and stuff with that, I’m honestly a very Confident person when coming to things.

Humor: Well when It comes to cracking jokes and making funny comments I love doing that and just love to make other people laugh, I feel about myself that I can be a very funny guy but at the same time a very strict one when It comes down to getting work done.

What are some of your weaknesses as a staff member?
My main weaknesses would have to be that I can easily get distracted or off track and that can effect the job I'm doing but I have been trying to focus more if I have a big important job I have to do I do it solo and alone and listen to music so i can't get distracted that's probably it tho. There might be other small ones but I think of them.

What are three traits that best define you and why?
My three traits would be Determination, Loyalty and Patience.

For Determination I think that defines me because I can be very determined to the job that I'm doing and only love that one job that I'm working for and nothing else.

For Loyalty I would have this define me as my Loyalty to the server and working and putting all my time into it and not other servers or games that I might be playing but sometimes I do like to take some time to play other games like CSGO for example but Loyalty is something that defines me.

And last Patience best defines me the most because I'm very patient with promotions and other things I don't care if someone else gets promoted over me like good for them they clearly deserved it, just tells me to work even harder. Being patient is very important because in TeamSpeak if you're not patient it can be very disrespectful towards the player you're helping for example and can set a bad image on yourself. Those are my three best traits that I think best define me.

How quickly do you expect to be promoted?
I don't expect to get promoted fast as that's not a big thing for me. Being staff is for fun and helping out the server you're staff on, it's not about promotions. So I can't really say I have a thought on how fast I expect to get promoted.

What are some hobbies you do outside of playing SoupsMC?
I do a couple of things outside of SoupsMC such as working IRL and also I play a lot of HCF with my faction also play with my CSGO Team once in awhile.

Anything else?
Nothing really else to say but just wanted to Thank You for reading my application if you got all the way here and I hope you can make the decision for what you think. I hope I can get the chance to become staff.

This application took me about 2 hours to make and complete.

Regards, Speederz​