Is it called elitekits or soupsmc?


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I don't why they changed the website name I remember this place as elitekits 🤔


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im just gonna call it elitekits thats what i remember it as

anyone know the reason behind the revamp?


SoupsMC is the parent network that controls EliteKits (kitpvp soup server) and TeamsMC (hardcore soup pvp server), just as EliteMC was the previous parent network of EliteKits. You can still call it EliteKits because that's what it is ;)!

Sorry if anyone is confused by this, nothing really has changed in terms of management on Elite. We've simply joined under one conglomerate network trying to bring soup back into relevancy.

The reason behind this revamp is because Elite was getting stale. This update will be a massive improvement in terms of features/content for players. Updates have been consistently made over the last few days in our Discord, feel free to join it if you're not in!

Thanks for the questions guys. Let me know if you have any other concerns.