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Official Season XI Post

Season Rewards: $532+
Player rewards are given to players who reach certain achievements before anyone else.

PvP Rank

  1. First person to Elite Champion PvP Rank: $100 USD PayPal or Gift Card and Sponsor+ Rank Lifetime
  2. Second person to Elite Champion or highest PvP Rank at the end of the season: Sponsor Rank
  3. Third person to Elite Champion or highest PvP Rank at the end of the season: Patron Rank
  4. If anyone else makes it to Elite Champion: Rank Upgrade
  1. Most kills at the end of the season: Sponsor
  2. Second most kills at the end of the season: Rank Upgrade
  3. Third most kills at the end of the season: Rank Upgrade
  1. Highest balance at the end of the season: $15 USD PayPal or Rank Upgrade
  2. Second highest balance at the end of the season: Free Kit
  3. Third highest balance at the end of the season: Free Kit

As many of you know, EliteKits and TeamsMC joined to become a conglomerate Soup PvP network in early 2019. We released the Throwback Season for about 3 months, but other than that there still hasn't been an official network release or Season XI update. Many players have left our Discords', quit entirely, or come to doubt us due to lack of updates. However, finally, we are ready to release our Soup PvP network and Season XI to show everyone what we have to offer! This post will go over updates on EliteKits only.

Season XI
EliteKits has undergone an extreme transformation from our recent Throwback Season release. We've added several events, abilities, economy features, and other updates.

Donor Rank Changes
We felt like the donor rank system needed an update. Please keep in mind, no one is losing anything. Everyone involved in the rank changes are being UPGRADED.
  • VIP $7.47
  • Pro $14.97
  • Elite $29.97
  • Master -> Ultimate (Upgraded)
  • Titan -> Ultimate (Upgraded)
  • Ultimate $49.97
  • Patron $74.97
  • Sponsor $99.97
  • Sponsor+ $9.97/monthly after purchasing Sponsor
    • If you received this rank before 6/21/2019, it's lifetime. Enjoy! :)
We have an ongoing sale for release! Purchase a rank here:

We now have 7 ranks instead of 9 ranks. We don't plan to update the rank system again anytime soon.
If you have questions, feel free to PM me or contact me.

In addition, Sponsor & Sponsor+ now have non-staff colors (Gold for Sponsor & Aqua for Sponsor+). We made this decision to stop the confusion that Sponsor or Sponsor+ players are actually Admins/Owners. Keep in mind, as Sponsor and Sponsor+, you can still change your name color when you type in chat using the nickname feature.

New Abilities

With new abilities comes new/updated kits. Since we've reached the limit for the amount of kits we can fit into one inventory, the kits page is now paginated. However, so it's not annoying, we only display the kits you have in your kit list, unless you use the /fullkitlist (/fkl).

With 20+ new abilities added, we were able to implement 18+ new kits to the server. Here's a description of the new abilities we added!

CupidThis kit gives your opponents a negative potion effect when shooting them with your arrow. If you hit a player from 100 blocks away, it instantly kills them.Uncommon
FrigidFreeze a player's item in their inventory.Uncommon
RecallSpawn in a recall point where you can teleport back to your previous position (@sores credit for idea)Scarce
HerderSpawn in 3 explosive sheep that deal 5-9 hearts depending how close your opponents are when they explode.Scarce
BerserkerEvery kill you get, you receive a positive effect. Some examples are Speed, Strength, and Regeneration.Extraordinary
SoldierYou spawn in with a rifle and shotgun. The rifle has 5 bullets in its magazine while the shotgun only holds two. The shotgun does a massive amount of damage upon contact while the rifle does less but still a significant amount.EPIC
HuntsmanThis kit has the ability to spawn in zombies when shooting players with your arrow. If you hit a player from 100 blocks away, it instantly kills them.EPIC
Force FieldThis kit allows you to push your opponents back within a 5 block radius. Especially powerful on areas where fall damage can be lethal.LEGENDARY
WitchThis kit allows you to spawn negative potions around your enemies within a 5 block radius. However, you can still be effected by damage splash potions, so be careful!LEGENDARY
DetonatorThis kit allows you to place TNT in someone's inventory, or throw TNT at a group of players. When placing TNT in your opponent's inventory, they must get the TNT out within 2.5 seconds or they will be dealt with 8.5 hearts of damage.LEGENDARY
WizardSwap between 3 different staffs: fire, effect, and wind. Each staff deals a different ability to the player.LEGENDARY
Time FreezeFreeze time within a 5 block radius for a certain duration. When time is frozen, you can still move completely fine, but players around you are unable to move (however they can still attack).LEGENDARY
StormThis kit has the ability to shoot a lightning bolt at their opponent and spawn in tornadoes around the map.LEGENDARY
WardenSpawn in iron golems and a cell to crit people out!LEGENDARY
StrikerTemporarily give people combo mode!LEGENDARY
RPGLaunch an RPG at your opponent that gives them blindness and confusion!LEGENDARY
DisarmThrow your trusty axe at your opponent to disarm the item they are holding!LEGENDARY
BeaconPlace down your beacon to give yourself a strength boost in a 5 block radius for 10 seconds!LEGENDARY
BlastLaunch your opponents into the cosmos with your firework!LEGENDARY

Along with new kits/abilities, we've also added a rarity system to our kits as well. Obviously, the more rare a kit is, the more powerful the effects of it's abilities are and the harder it is to obtain. Not all kits can be purchased through our Buycraft/store. We wanted to completely revamp the server's economy. It's not exactly fun for anyone, including the donors, when they start out with all the kits on the server. It's unfair to Default/lower donor players and gets boring for higher ranked donors. With that being said, no rank has lost any features. We have simply ADDED new kits for all players to obtain and fight for.

What kits aren't going to be give to ranks?

  • Timefreeze
  • Storm
  • Witch
  • Cupid
  • Huntsman
  • Detonator
  • RPG
  • Disarm
  • Beacon
  • Blast
So how do you obtain these kits? This is where our changes to the economy come into play.

New Economy System
Economy before this release was near to useless, as the only items you could buy with money were combat perks and kits from the kitshop. We've completely changed how the economy will be used on Elite, as well as added several features to make the economy on the server thrive.

As stated before, our shop was only filled with combat items. Here's our shop now:

Instead of having two different shops (regular shop and kitshop), we've merged the two shops into one, along with adding several new categories such as events, killstreaks, chat colors, and prefixes. All of these perks are obtainable simply by playing the server and earning money. Along with this new shop, a Token Shop was also added. Tokens can be obtained simply by completing achievements.

Along with a new shop system, we've also added a lottery system for players to make fast money based on luck.

The lottery will run every 2.5 hours. If you win the lottery while offline, you'll obviously still be given your money when you log back in. Each ticket cost will be $225.

It wouldn't be a proper economy without the ability to pay other players. So many people have suggested adding the pay feature, and we think it's finally time with all these economy changes. The reason we didn't add a pay command before is because the economy allowed for high-donor ranks to essentially give several people the entire kit list, every season. We've decided to change the amount of money and keys donors get upon joining the server and reclaiming to balance this out.

You can also use aliases such as "half", "1/2", "1/3", "1/4", etc. to easily pay players a percentage of your balance.

New Events
It's been a significant amount of time since we've added a proper event update. Finally, we have new events to show off!

EventDescriptionRank Host
ArcadeYou will receive a random kit every 10-60 seconds (random). The last person standing wins!Beta: Sponsor+, Release: Ultimate
Four CornersRnG gamemode. Each round 1 platform will drop, until there's one person remaining!Beta: Sponsor+, Release: Elite
TriviaTrivia is a popular game that involves answering questions. With this event, you will be read a question in chat, and have 12 seconds to answer it before all platforms fall.Beta: Sponsor+, Release: Sponsor+
Archer WarsArcher Wars is an old gamemode we had from 2017. There are two phases of Archer Wars, a building phase, and a game phase. The building phase consists of building around your side of the map. After the building phase, the game phase will start. You must use your bow & arrows to destroy the other teams side. The last team standing wins!Beta: Sponsor+, Release: Sponsor
Ability BashAbility Bash is an event based on complete madness. You will be given a kit with nearly all the abilities on the server, the last person standing wins!Beta: Sponsor+, Release: Sponsor+
MinesweeperMinesweeper is an event where you have to navigate through a maze of pressure plates. If you come in contact with a pressure plate, you will explode!Beta: Sponsor+,
Release: Sponsor+
Musical CartsMusical Carts is an event where you jump into a cart when music stops playing! If you can't find an open cart, you're removed.Beta: Sponsor+,
Release: Sponsor+
InfectedInfected is a gamemode where one person is chosen to be a zombie and tries to infect survivors. If a survivor is infected, they become a zombie. After 5 minutes, if the survivors are still alive, they win the event!Beta: Sponsor+,
Release: Sponsor+

Along with these new events, we've also added fixes to Spleef, Wool, Bridges, and OITC. Spleef now has a grace period, OITC has a proper scoreboard, and Wool/Bridges has the feature of wool breaking on arrow contact.

Free Kits on Specific Days
To allow all players to have a chance to test out our many kits, we've decided to implement free kits on specific days.
This menu can be accessed by doing /freekits.

Here's our starting schedule for Season XI. This is subject to change throughout the season, but you can always view which kits are free on which day by using the /freekits command.

MondayQuickdrop, Bowler
TuesdayCupid, Spooker, Rocket
WednesdayBrute, Cowboy, Recall
ThursdayDoctor, Thor
FridayFisherman, Switcher, Dragon, Skunk, Spiderman, Clown, Critical, Chemist
SaturdayNinja, Mage, Taker, Spectre, Combo, Grappler, Trickster, Hulk, Storm, Detonator
SundayViper, Turret, Blacksmith, Stomper, Backstab, Hades, Beastmaster, Wisp

In total, that's 36 kits available for absolutely no cost throughout the week, totaling to over 60%+ of the kit list.


On previous updates, our builds were usually rushed and we would only implement 1 per event.

This update, we've decided to take our time to add as many event builds as possible. Here's a list of the amount of builds for this season:

  • Parkour: 10
  • Team Deathmatch: 7
  • Feast & Arcade: 6
  • Sumo: 5
  • Race of Death: 3
  • Brackets, Capture the Flag, Bridges, Sky Wars, Sumo FFA, Wool Shuffle, Kill the King, Event Lobby: 2
  • 2v2 Sumo, 2v2 Brackets, Wool, Spleef, OITC, Bomberman, Soccer, Thimble: 1 - Many of these events are static and don't need multiple arenas.

Total: 61+ Event Arena Builds

Other Changes & Features
  • UI Changes
    • Kit GUI
    • Event GUI
    • Options GUI
    • Shop GUI
    • Player Menu GUI
  • Scoreboard Change - Money is now displayed on the scoreboard along with kills and deaths
  • Death Reasons Feature - You can now set a player's message when they die by doing /deathreasons or /dr!
  • Left clicking crates - Now displays possible rewards in the crates
  • PvP Ranks
  • Removed Social Media Functionality
  • Implemented new themes
  • New key

I'd like to personally apologize to all our supporters, players, donors, and anyone else who was counting on Elite to be up for the time it's been down. It's genuinely been hard for everyone to balance life along with trying to develop and brainstorm new ideas for the server, then managing it at the same time.

We wouldn't still be a standing server 6 years later if it wasn't for you guys.

I hope to see everyone on the release!
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