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IGN (Cottages):
Discord: miguel 600#3569

  • How would you define your confidence when speaking to people you don’t know?: Speaking with other people such as players don't really bother me it don't hurt talking to people and making new friends online and it really wouldn't be a big issue

  • What is your timezone?: Eastern Standard Time [EST]

  • Have you already applied before? If so, list the date when you applied.: No i Have not already applied this is the first time applying for this server.

  • Other than English, what languages are you fluent in? My Main Language is English.

  • How much time (on average) can you dedicate to staffing the server a day?: I Can spend atleast 3-4Hours a day one the server but weekends will be a problem because of Family issues.

  • Have you ever been punished? If so, explain what happened.: No I have not been punished I'm Clean.

  • Do you have any experience with staffing soup servers?: No i Do not have any experience staffing on soup servers because its my first time applying for one.

  • Do you have any experience with staffing any other types of servers? I Have experience staffing on server such ass Mandown Network Clover Network Cavepvp i was a UHC Staff on mandown, a Factions staff on Clover, and a Factions Staff on cavepvp.

  • When did you join your first soup-based server? Also list the server name.: I Joined Soup A long time ago the server was

  • Why do you want staff? I Want to be staff on because i think i can make the game better make the players enjoy the server more, make sure there experience on the server is good, such as if a new player joins the server to make sure there having a nice time on the server, i also can connect with other players and help them with there server if there new. and to eliminate hackers/cheaters in the game trying to ruin peoples stats and ruin there play time on the server.

  • What separates you from other applicants? i don't think think anything separates me from other applicants i think i can do what ever then can do.

  • What are some of your weaknesses as a staff member? doing a ss is my weakness as a staff member because i get mixed up with things when i start doing one

  • What are three traits that best define you and why? : Funny, Honesty, Chill, These best define me because i like to crack alot of jokes while talking to players/staff members i'm like 100% honest with people i think theres legit no point of lying and im pretty much laid back i rarely get mad or annoyed.

  • How quickly do you expect to be promoted?: I Don't Really know how quickly i expect being promoted i think that if i'm being promoted is that i'm doing a great job and to get higher i'm just gonna have to do more things then what i was doing so if you want a real time probably about 1 month or more. to be honest

  • What are some hobbies you do outside of playing SoupsMC?: i like to just chill in teamspeak/discord and talk to friends or what movies.

  • Anything else?: i play basketball and i like to ride bikes lol.
Not open for further replies.