Benjiis Builder Application


New member
1. What is your IGN(In-Game Name)?

2. How old are you?
Im 15 years old.

3. What is your timezone?
I live in Denmark GMT+1

4. Do you have any previous experience?
I have done a lot of different kind of builds on server fx Kitpvp, Skyblock, Prison (Normal and OP) and to top it off i also have made a Hub. None of them was a big server because the owner gave up. I im also co-owner on a FTB sever and i have build the spawn.

5. How well do you work with others?
I love working whit others and i work better whit a partner/s. You also learn something from them and they learn somethings them. Teamwork is one of the best ting i know when building a server. And what every1 says "2 heads think better then 1"

6. How many hours could you put in per week?

I can get from 20 hours to 40. Maybe even more.

7. Portfolio?(Required)
I dont have a lot of save picture og builds or severs but i have this: